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Hey hun, I was going to ask you about donating money for a mat :) I tried to order but they want phone and email info for delivery as well, I thought there was no point putting mine and didn't have yours or the jail's. Can I just paypal you the money maybe?? LOVE that you're doing this. Have you seen Yogawoman? There's a segment on working with girls in a detention centre and they talked about how important the empowerment was for girls who may have had no control over what happened to them physically up until that point. Made me cry. Good luck, hope it goes brilliantly - I'm sure it will!


Hi Diane!
I have not seen Yogawoman, but it sounds wonderful. I'll have to do some research and check it out. Regarding the mat that you oh-so-generously-would-like-to-donate, would it be too much to ask if you could try it again? The e-mail to add is 39cmont27 at sbcglobal dot net and the phone number is the main jail number which is (831) 647-7782. Just mark it Attention: Sgt. Olguin.
I am filled with gratitude for the intention you are putting into the world by donating this mat! THANK YOU.


You should watch it. I saw the trailer and hated it - took me another year before people I trusted told me I should watch the movie. The trailer did worse than not do it justice, it completely misrepresented it! It's full of inspiration, wisdom and wonderful stories of how yoga changes people in many different ways, both spiritual and very pragmatic.

I'll try the order again :)

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