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That was an inspiring post,
I have a grecian foot, i hate feet ....! But im really wondersing what different foot shapes there are,
Anyway, thanks for the post

Man, that is a B.I.G foot in the photos

What is your shoe size? How tall are you?

I'm 5'3" and wear a size 9US or 40 European. Those are really long feet for someone as short as I am! Believe me, you really have to work hard in ballet class to make feet *that* long reach out to their full potential.

My mom is 5'3" and her shoe size is 8 US or 39 European and she thinks her feet are too long for her height. I am 5'1" and my shoe size is 7.5 US or 38.5 European.

I'm 5'7" and am shoe size 8 1/2 US. My first question -- is my foot too small for my height? My second -- I'm not sure if I have an Egyptian or Peasant foot. My toes decrease, but the index and middle toe are basically the same length, and the big toe is only slightly longer than the index toe.
What kind of foot am I?

Hi Sophie,
As long as your feet can work properly, they are not too small. Too small or too large is just a question of how they look and not how they function.
It sounds like your foot is an Egyptian foot, although keep in mind these foot types are very general descriptions and many people have characteristics of more than one type. Trying to put everyone into a foot category would be like trying to figure out if every person in the world was like Harry, Ron or Hermione. Most of us have a little bit of Harry, Ron AND Hermione in us!
Thanks for reading,

I have one Egyptian foot and one Grecian foot. I've always been tickled by that realization because it's representative of the many ways in which I am an oddball. LOL

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